Legacies After Slavery

The Council for World Mission has developed a project to explore the legacies after the transatlantic slave trade. There has been a call for some years now from the black communities of the Caribbean, United Kingdom and the United States for the legacies of the transatlantic slave trade to be addressed. CWM’s own origins as the London Missionary Society (LMS) lie in this vital period of colonisation and slavery as we were founded before slavery was abolished. CWM came into being in the 1970’s as a way to decolonise the mission relationships of the member churches, and its vision of partnership emerged as a way to dismantle some of the consequences of colonialism.

This project is a further part of our being posy-colonial organisation. We are looking to take historical contemporary perspectives, examining the practise of slavery in those setting and how this has continued to shape the realities of the people of that place. In this way the hearings will enable people to voice hurt and anger, and for CWM to discover afresh what post colonial mission movements need to address.

The project will include four hearings in the United Kingdom, Ghana, Jamaica and the United States. The first two will take place in late 2017, and the remaining two during the first half of 2018. The first hearing is scheduled to happen in November, 2017 in the UK.