‘Rise to Life: confessing witnesses to life-flourishing communities’ is the Council for World Mission’s (CWM) overall theme of CWM’s Strategic Framework for 2020-2029. More than a framework, the theme underscores CWM’s affirmation of rising with Jesus in the midst of forces and powers bent on despoiling, destroying and denying God’s vision of just world and flourishing life for all.

CWM locates its missional calling and mandate, in partnership with others, through nine (9) interconnected areas or themes. These themes form the basis of this short series of 9 video recordings. Those who speak to these 9 themes were asked to give their take or view, from their own location and experience, on what would confessing witness to life-flourishing look like and mean in relation to one of the 9 areas or themes.

In this video, we hear from Steve Summers and his vision of what life-flourishing communities would look like…….

In this video we hear from Yvonne Campbell and her vision of what life-flourishing creation would look like…..

In this video, we hear from Fiona Gannon and her vision of what life-flourishing economies would look like…..


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