Protestant Church in the Netherlands

The Protestant Church in the Netherlands is with 1800 congregations and a membership of 1.9 million the largest Protestant church in the Netherlands. The church incorporates both Reformed and Lutheran theological orientations. It wants to be a community of faith, love and hope, witnessing to the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ, celebrating God’s presence in Word and sacraments, praying and caring for those in need.

Next to their membership of CWM , the PCN is a member of many national and international associations. Read more on their website.

Youth work and children’s work

PCN’s Youth and Children’s work employs local youth workers, develops materials, coaches volunteers in local churches, organises youth events and youth camps. The PCN also has an international youth programme, Togetthere, which mobilises youth to combat poverty and injustice. CWM Europe works closely together with Togetthere in the Mission House in Amsterdam.

Missional Congregations

The PCN has identified the development of missional congregations as a priority. In order to take this forward they have written a resource for local congregations exploring 30 approaches to shaping misssional congregations. This resource has been translated into English and is on our website Shaping Missionary Congregations

Mission priorities


  • To provide consultancy and support to congregations that want to be missional in their local context.
  • To develop materials and projects that can be used by congregations in reaching out to people who don’t know the Gospel or alienated themselves from the Christian faith.
  • To establish new Christian communities (‘Fresh expressions of Church’) in recently developed residential areas, in areas where the church almost disappeared and among people groups in society that are not involved in church.


  • To equip local congregations to be involved in mission and christian service all over the world.
  • To support projects that contribute to basic social services, economic development, democracy and peace.