The Protestant Church in the Netherlands is part of the worldwide community in which people hear and share the good news of God’s love. A source of faith, hope and love. In the PKN people come together around the gospel of Jesus Christ. Living together in faith, hope and love also translates into social involvement. In the Protestant Church, tested forms of being church are supplemented with experimental forms.

The Protestant Church articulates what it sees as its calling, identity and future – in creed, church order and in a vision note. More about the history of the Protestant Church can be found in the document ‘ History Together on the Road process ‘ (please note it is written in Dutch).


The core of Kerk 2025 can be summarized in the words ‘back to basics’. In a shrinking church, it comes down to a powerful concentration on the core of being a church and the throwing out of governmental ballast that prevents us from experiencing and sharing the joy of the gospel with others.


The foundation of all diaconate lies in God’s constant care for people. Jesus Christ is the express example, He has an eye for those who are poor and vulnerable

More information on PKN can be found on their website which is in Dutch & English.

Prayer Points 2021

  • We pray for the unity and communion between christians from different backgrounds in our villages and cities. That they will find each other in the unity of Christ and will serve and enrich each other. So they will be a blessing for the society they are part of.
  • We pray that the Protestant Church will be a church that exists of inclusive and safe communities. Where people who became victims of loneliness, exclusion and abuse can find comfort and meaningful relationships. We ask for forgiveness for the times our church became a place of disgrace and unsafety.
  • We pray for the grace we need to let go of the anxiety about the decrease of our churches. We pray for creativity and openness to join people in their search for God.