Over 400 independent Congregational churches are affiliated to the Union of Welsh Independents. The overwhelming majority communicate primarily through the medium of the Welsh language.

They are grouped together into 15 District Associations, one of which is in England, in London and the surrounding area. The first Independent church in Wales was established at Llanfaches, Gwent, in 1639. In addition to proclaiming the Gospel and bearing witness to the greatness and glory of Jesus Christ as Saviour, the Union has consistently, from the date of its inception in 1871, taken a radical stance on a wide variety of spiritual, moral and social subjects. It has also been radical in the context of Welsh and international affairs.

To read more about the UWI’s structure, and ethos, follow this link.

the women’s network

The Women’s Network aims to educate, serve and campaign, encouraging local groups to act in different ways.

life economy and climate change

At the beginning of October 2018 UWI decided to form a Life Economy and Climate Change Working Group to consider the economic and environmental implications of what is happening around us.

More information about the Union of Welsh Independents can be found at on their website. The website is bilingual in Welsh and English.

Prayer Points for 2021

  • The recently-launched Innovation and Investment Programme. Pray that the churches may grasp this new and exciting opportunity to invest in their future and seek out new and pioneering ways into their local communities.
  • The work of the Economy of Life and Climate Change Working Group set up to respond to the CWM NIFEA Colloquia’s. Pray that the churches of the UWI will respond to the working groups’ call to use their funds and resources responsibly in pursuit of justice for all and care for the environment.
  • Pray that the churches of Wales will return from their period in lockdown with a deeper understanding of what it means to be welcoming, compassionate and loving communities in the post-COVID Wales.