CWM has produced a series of 10 films to help local congregations to explore what being missional means in a variety of contexts. These stories are ones of hope and witness to God’s moving spirit in the European region. Using the narratives of the early church found in the book of Acts, the resource uses these films to encourage local groups to enter into Godly conversation and encourage each other to look at new and exciting ways to engage in mission.

How to use this resource:

In small groups use the film and discussion notes to enter into conversations together about the film you see, the Bible we share and about how your local congregation could explore mission in new ways.

CWM would like to thank all of the people that were willing to share their stories for the purposes of this resource. As well as this, CWM offers thanks to Norman Ivison at Bowland Media and Ben Clymo at Bromeliad Services for their work and expertise.