Team working in school hall

Working Together


During the period 2012-2019 CWM will focus on four priority areas:

  • Deepening Partnership – developing partnership in mission with members and ecumenical partners
  • Research and Reflection – developing resources and educational opportunities for mission
  • Solidarity and prophetic witness – as an essential element of being God’s people in the world
  • Developing missional congregations – this is the hub of CWM’s work which the previous three programmes serve

Each Region of CWM will develop the CWM mission programme as a regional programme reflecting the Regional contexts. From 2013-2017 the European Region will focus on:

  • Missional congregations – exploring the nature of missional congregations in a range of contexts; worship as an expression of affirming life and hope; supporting members in their mission programmes.
  • Missional leaders – explore what missional leadership is required for missional congregations; work with theological institutions to develop resources and shape an annual mission event.
  • Youth programme – part of the missional leaders programme CWM Europe will develop short and long term programmes for young people including summer programmes; the Mission House Amstelrank in Amsterdam and internship opportunities.