What is Missional Leadership?

Enabling member churches to missional congregations inevitably raises questions of what kinds of leadership are needed to grow and nurture missional congregations and how are these leaders formed and resourced themselves. This has led to the development of programmes to focus on developing and encouraging missional leadership.

CWM has supported member churches in exploring future shapes of Christian leadership with a workshop that explored patterns of leadership in the Bible, the world church and business. This supported member churches in considering issues of leadership, how Christian leaders are formed, deployed and supported. Consequently, member churches have begun to explore different leadership styles and ways of equipping leaders.

A workshop called “Mission Shaped Church: Mission Shaped Leaders” supported member churches in thinking about how mission shaped spirituality is foundational to mission shaped churches and inspires and informs mission shaped leaders. Mission shaped spiritualties are at the heart of missional congregations and leadership.

In 2016 CWM will deliver a programme exploring “Mission in Secular Contexts” in partnership with ecumenical partners. Exploring what is secularism and the challenges and opportunities it presents for Christian mission.

Also in 2016 CWM will co-host a consultation “Re-imagining Protestantism” which will take place in Wittenberg, Germany. The consultation will look at the need to re-imaging and reform Protestantism for our contemporary mission contexts and that this reform is in keeping with the intention of the Reformation(s) to continually reform the church for mission.

Elwyn Richards from the Presbyterian Church of Wales explores Missional Leadership and Missional Church and how we might equip missional leaders:

Michal Volland from the Church of England explores Missional Leadership: