Discernment and Radical Engagement (DARE) Global Consultation

DARE is a programme conceived under the Research and Capacity Development arm of CWM. The DARE programme seeks to engage radically with scholars of text, context and theology to dangerously rupture the status quo of Empire, particularly as it has been manifested in the church, the academy and institutions of religious education.


In 2020, CWM’s DARE forum moved to a virtual platform to connect and learn from each other on the impacts of the pandemic and on the different ways our responses will (re)shape, affirm and challenge our God-talk. Taking COVID-19 as an opportunity to reflect on the ‘normal’ assumptions and practices of theology, mission and ministry, presenters from different regions of the world presented their views on the impacts of the pandemic, and on different ways we are responding to it.

All recorded webinar sessions can be found on the eDARE microsite.