Discernment and Radical Engagement (DARE) Global Consultation

DARE is a programme conceived under the Research and Capacity Development arm of CWM. The DARE programme seeks to engage radically with scholars of text, context and theology to dangerously rupture the status quo of Empire, particularly as it has been manifested in the church, the academy and institutions of religious education.

The first meeting was held over three days in Bangkok (30th May – 1st June 2017) and brought together seventy scholars and practitioners from across the world to discuss with each other what it means to resist Empire.

The mission of DARE is conceived as the coming together of the radical soul of discernment and sense-making in theology and biblical criticism with the yearnings for signifying engagement that rise out of the slums of modernity and the valleys of despair, and the commitment to redemption songs that inspire disturbance at the hubs of power.

The second consultation will be in May 2018.