Theological consultations provide an opportunity to explore current thinking and practice in theological education and how it can become a transformative praxis within the life of the church and Christian leadership. The consultations explore how we can transform theological education through various lenses on specific current issues for example, migration and decolonisation.

The purpose of theological consultations is to address how and if theological education is equipping churches for the mission of God in the world as it is, particularly in Europe and Africa.  The consultation draws together a mixture of theological educators, member church leaders and mission practitioners. It is a meeting to explore how theological education can contribute to a political and transformative vision of mission in the contexts of Europe and Africa.

The aim is to produce a vision and agenda for transformative theological education. It will come from some shared perspectives on current practices but more especially by addressing the overarching concern of living in peace and diversity. We aim to explore the contextual dimensions of this overarching theme to better understand what transformative theological education looks like in practice.

The second consultation was in Groningen, Netherlands from 30th October – 2nd November, and follows on from the first CWM Theological Consultation held between the Caribbean and South Asia in 2016.

Theological Consultation-Listening Group Notes-Groningen, NL